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Positional training

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Exercises proposed in this category aim at fine-tuning the team organization toward the realization of a certain strategic objective (i.e., development of the game in width and in depth, pressing, etc.). Main characteristic of this category is the fact that all exercises include the full team, lined up as in game situation. Utilization of the system of play improves and facilitates interactions among players and the various sections of the team, thus creating the necessary premises for the application in official games of all team movements learned in training.



Author: Massimo Lucchesi

One of the fundamental objectives for a soccer team is the ability of giving width to its attacking maneuver.
In order to break a defensive unit, it is important to create attacking movements that  force the opposing defense to spread out. This is an essential premise in order to effectively exploit  depth.
The exercises proposed by Massimo Lucchesi are taken in absolute or as elaborations from training sessions of the best European coaches (of course including Italians).
This library includes technical-tactical proposals of high quality, all with a common characteristic that the author considers of essential importance: the team as a whole or its individual units are lined up as in game situation.  
Therefore, through these exercises, the players face the same difficulties and aim to achieve the same objectives of an official game.  
Only with this approach it is possible to train a team in a modern and effective way,  and ensure that tips and tactical messages learned in training can be transferred quickly and in the most reproducible way to an official game.
Proposed exercises include build-up, finishing-touch and finalization phases.

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